The Men's Club of Raleigh - Raleigh


The Men's Club of Raleigh is always looking for highly motivated men and women who are interested in a management position. As a manager/director you'll get service industry experience, as well as advancement opportunities and performance bonuses.

To apply for a management position, please start by calling Heidi at 618.271.9420


The Men's Club of Raleigh is a great place to work! You'll get service industry experience and you'll enjoy Raleigh nightlife. We're currently accepting applications for the following positions: Bartenders, Security, Cocktail Waitresses, Hostesses, and TLC Girls.

To apply, please come in to the club and fill out an application.


If you're interested in dancing at The Men's Club of Raleigh, please apply in person by visiting the club during our regular hours of operation and ask to speak to a Director. Our entertainers are private contractors, not employees, who make their own hours and pay for privilege of performing in our secure environment.